Independent Review Fjell Event Tipis

Fjell Event Tipis

“Their´╗┐ experience was a massive help”

Christopher Laird - Wedding Industry Awards 2018

Right from the beginning, when we looked at the Fjell Tipis we were drawn to them. Fjell invited us to an event on the morning they were dismantling a Tipi, and it provided us with so much more understanding on how it would work for our wedding. We then attended an opening event in the The Lake District, as much as the superb thought of a Tipi wedding, it was the personalities and character of the Fjell staff/owners that made it an easy decision to go
with Fjell Tipi.

Why did you book? We could see that Fjell had a real team ethos in erecting and dismantling the Tipi tents, and that give us great confidence that our Tipi styled wedding was in safe hands. We hoped that the Tipi would be erected the day before to allow our guests to experience an night before the wedding in the Tipi, and Fjell were more than willing to make sure of this, they were way ahead of us in their preparation! Fjell had a real family business ethos, and that attracted me and my wife as we're very family focused, and that went a long way to us booking with Fjell. Everything just worked without worry or hassle, Fjell's interfacing with local business such as catering companies was superb, they offered so many suggestions. After all, they've done this many times and their experience was a massive help to us, and more importantly, we listened to their experienced views on what would work and not work. In the end webooked Fjell and we would recommend to anyone, our day was amazing, and the Tipis even survived 100% precep of rain for 12 hours on the Friday! The guests did not care, the Tipi tent heater even had to be turned down, we were that warm!